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Yeah, I don't actually know where this is coming from, but I've got about 3 thou words so far:

It only takes about ten minutes for Scott to bike over from his house – he bursts in like he always does, shouts, “Hey, Stiles,” as he opens the front door, jogs the few steps it takes to get to the stairs, and he’s halfway up them before a vicious snarl rips out of the wolf and he literally throws himself off Stiles’ bed, landing on the floor with his body bunched, fangs flashing, claws cutting into the area rug laying five feet from the door.

Stiles jumps to his feet and yelps, “Circle of trust, circle of trust!” waving his hands around, and the wolf pauses mid-pounce to look at him, bristling fur slowly, slowly falling, ears still pricked, lips still pulled back over sharp, saliva-dripping teeth. “Yeah, that’s right,” Stiles says, and points at himself, then Scott. “Scott friend.”

He swears, swears the wolf rolls his eyes at him as he minutely relaxes his stance, and whatever, he nearly just went berserk on a sixteen-year-old kid for walking into a room, he has no legs to stand on here.

“Holy shit,” Scott says in a rasp. He’s frozen in the hallway, eyes wide, a white-knuckled grip on the hem of his t-shirt. He’s gasping for air, and his hands travel up to his throat, fear turning to alarm, and Stiles rushes forward, manhandles him all the way into the room at the same time as he stuffs a hand down Scott’s back pocket, yanking out his inhaler.

“Breathe, dude,” he says, stuffing it in Scott’s mouth, and Scott’s hands scramble to take it from him while Stiles just curls an arm around his back to keep him upright.

Color inches back into Scott’s face and he lowers his hands to clutch his inhaler against his chest. He says, “Holy shit,” again, and, “That isn’t a dog.”

“Uh, no,” Stiles says, because if he was a dog, he’d be some kind of Irish wolfhound on steroids, and Stiles is fairly sure that’s impossible outside of some kind of dubious lab.

“Holy shit.”


no, for reals

* okay, so mild TW spoiler (hasn't everyone seen the whole season 2 by now?), but I forgot to mention this before: was anyway else totally squicked out when Erica said she'd just turned sixteen? Meaning that totally sexualish morgue scene with Derek was when she was fifteen. I don't know, I mean, we're writing Stiles/Derek with Stiles as a sixteen year old, but I always pictured him as almost seventeen, and here you have a fifteen year old practically getting molested by old man Hale. It could be a girl thing, I'm totally admitting that, but still. Gross.

* There are now TWO Veronica Mars TW AUs WITH THE SAME NAME. Does no one check that? I always obsessively check, even though that doesn't guarantee anything, but still. THE SAME NAME. Well, okay, one has C'mon instead of Come on, but STILL. At first I actually thought someone was rewriting the exact same story only making Stiles a girl - which is not the fact, I'm not accusing anyone of plagiarizing here.


Nothing else to report. I'm considering using my Tumblr to post adorable pics of my baby and the horrifying beast known as THE PUPPY. We shall see.

this is not my beautiful stapler

I am in the process of transferring all my fic to AO3! Which means, sadly, that I'm getting rid of pantstomatch.net, probably within the next month or so. Please start updating any bookmarks you have accordingly. Anything that is posted on my LJ, of course, will stay there. Also, this means that all my soundtracks will be going away, since they're hosted there. So get your soundtracks and Christmas music while you can.

Oh man, I can't believe I've written so many stories. I've already moved 142 of them, and I've still got some old HP ones to go. Like really old, I don't really know why I'm bothering because most of them are so so terrible, but whatever.

Should I be writing a deeply cliched romance story with Derek and Stiles? I've only got about 3 thousand words so far, it's pretty terrible. It's like, aiming to be historical but everyone talks modern, so yeah - really really horrifying.

We Should Become More Adventurous, MORE | ~3000
Derek/Stiles | Urban AU

Derek says, “Every time I see you a little piece of my soul dies,” and Laura’s grin just grows brighter and she says, “Come give your big sis a hug.”

A/N: More, because you all are dirty enablers. Now with added Laura and Alex coming of werewolf age. I still have no idea what's going on.

On AO3

Things. Of a thing nature.

- I don't understand tumblr. I have a tumblr, I've had it for over a year or something, I just have nothing on it, and it makes me feel old. So feel free to explain it to me in small words.

- I don't understand the big push for Derek/Stiles in the actual Teen Wolf show. Would I kill for more awesome interaction between them? Yes!!!! But the whole romance - I don't know, it would be cool in theory, but it's kind of like SGA, Rodney and John were awesome as a team, I think I want that team, and then I want to fantasize about it. So, yeah, I don't really care, so long as they have lots of screen time together. I actually think the fic would be weirder for me if I was writing about an actual couple, but maybe that's just me. It's kind of like how you have all this UST on a show and then the couple gets together and they either have to have a baby to save the show or it just gets cancelled, because people like the UST more than the actual pay-off. So, like, feel free to continue with manhandling and growling and intense stares, that's just fine with me.

- Look, I'm just going to admit this: I hate puppies. Having a puppy is stressful and horrible, I am in misery. Dogs are awesome and I love them, but I just want to kick all puppies in the face. They are adorable! Don't get me wrong, puppies are cute as buttons shaped like puppies, but I seriously want to rip my hair out daily over this monstrosity and I have a tenth month old baby. My baby is a DELIGHT. Granted, he's an unusually good baby, but my point still stands. Having a puppy should not be as hard as having a baby, and yet it is. It so is.

Teen Wolf!

So I finally watched the season finale, and, uh, whatever -

was that really necessary, Gerard?Collapse )


MTV's Teen Wolf fic: This Is How We Go

This Is How We Go | PG-13 | 5000+
Derek/Stiles | AU
Scott and Stiles go on the Warped Tour with Allison’s band.

“I think we need to bring more joy to the children,” Stiles says. “I think we need to dress as pirates and do the Scott is a Terrible Pirate skit, because you are a terrible pirate,” and when Stiles says pirate, Stiles means friend. Scott is a terrible, horrible friend, and Stiles hates him.

A/N: I have this thing where I like to put people in bands. And I like to write Tour Fic. And I like to create random kids’ TV shows. So this happened, and I’m only a little sorry about it. Title is from The Thermals.

on AO3

someone write me this

I've read a lot of teen wolf fics where the sheriff thinks all that sneaking in and out of Stiles' room means they're dating, and then Derek goes all polite and he's too young or whatever, but what I wanna see is, like, something where Stiles goes, "what? no, he's, like--30!" and Derek looks at him all weird and, "I'm 23," and Stiles does a you see what I'm working with gesture at his dad, and then his dad and Derek have a stare-off and Derek gets all weirdly defensive, like, hell yeah, I can date Stiles if I want to! and you can't stop me! and then there's a period of time where Derek tries to aggressively date Stiles just because while Stiles is blatantly uncooperative and it's hilarious.


things are going

I'm trying to write a teen wolf romance novel fic, and you all know how not awesome I am at that. I've got a vague idea that Stiles gets compromised, that's always fun.

Also, I know that there should be more of we should become more adventurous, but all I've really got is a bunch of hugging and Laura coming to visit and Alex turning thirteen and wolfy. It's not actually going anywhere, but the first one didn't go anywhere either, so who knows.

Damn it, there's a hole in my work sweater. I need elbow patches.

We Should Become More Adventurous | PG-13 | ~6,000
Derek/Stiles, Stiles/Jackson, some sort of urban AU, I don’t even know. Derek has a kid.

Werewolves are the kind of horror you only find in books and movies and gay porn, so forgive him for being a little slow on the uptake.

On AO3


“You say you’re not courting me, but this feels an awful lot like courting,” Stiles says through a mouthful of feathers and pheasant. He’s never been courted before, but he’s seen Jackson do it, and it involved a lot of dead animals and licking, as far as Stiles could tell.

Derek looks unimpressed.

Whatever. Stiles is hungry, and pheasant is awesome.

- Hail to Whatever You Found in the Sunlight



panic - pants to match ver. 3
master of karate and friendship
pants to match


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